The management of MARINA DE CALA D’OR has introduced a quality and environmental management system at the organisation based on the principles set out in the standards ISO 9001:9015 and ISO 14001:2015 in order to improve business performance in: “Mooring management and yard services”.

These principles are based on:

  • Customer-focus: to understand and meet our clients’ requirements in the best way.
  • Process-focus: identifying the interactions that link them, and thus contributing to achieving planned results.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system through information and data assessment.
  • The commitment to protect the environment, including preventing pollution, and other specific commitments relevant to our area of business.
  • Managing relations with all interested parties so as to make them part of our business objectives and goals.

The management is leading the compliance with and maintenance of these principles by committing to:

  • Providing the right training and work atmosphere for all members of the organisation so that they feel part of the company, understand and play a role in achieving the set objectives, and are able to do their work as required by our clients and for the protection of the environment.
  • Having the right infrastructure to ensure services are provided in the best environmental efficiency and safety conditions.
  • Complying and ensuring the business complies with legal requirements and other relevant provisions.
  • Applying continuous improvement in its quality and environmental management system as a tool to ensure the business progresses and customers are satisfied, and to contribute to improving the environment.
  • Setting the quality and environmental objectives in line with the established quality and environmental policy, which may be reviewed periodically.